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Building in Nature's Image, Inc.

A nonprofit that educates in Nature's Image for the 7th Generation to Come


Education & Ecoliteracy

Courses & Trainings

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Contractor & Trades Training for the Doers

This Doers certificate training consists of a 4 hour holistic Essentials of Sustainable Construction based on systems thinking, sustainability, resilience and building science and a deeper 6 to 10 hour training focusing on the USGBC LEED portfolio of rating systems. Special emphasis is placed on the role of the construction professional during the integrative design, construction and commissions process. The course is ideal for construction professionals, especially:

  • Contractors, builders and construction managers

  • Site superintendents, project managers & engineers, foreman

  • Trades and subcontractors

  • Owner's representatives, owners, developers and any project team members working on a green, sustainable or high performance construction project.

Building in Nature's Image

Building in Nature's Image illustrates how building science, biomimicry and the sciences of life can provide doers with a life-inspired framework for projects at any scale. From how the laws of physics govern heat & moisture flows through our buildings, how biomimicry & ecology can drive LEED & net zero energy projects, to how ecosystems provide place-based ecological performance standards for buildings and cities, the course teaches students to design and build projects that match the performance of the living social-ecological system in which their project is immersed.

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Resilience Science for Buildings & Cities

Resilience provides the essential framework of how resilience science applies to the design, construction and management of buildings and cities. Resilience shares the essential tools, processes, research and metrics for any designer, builder or project team to utilize in defining, measuring and managing the resilience of their projects. The essence of Resilience is to provide a practical framework to enhance the adaptive health and resilience of us, our children and the 7th Generation to follow. The course aims to help practitioners understand the unprecedented and intensifying pace and scale of change confronting us and our children and to provide practical, immediately buildable and scalable solutions.

Building Codes

Codes covers how current building codes, "stretch" codes, environmental rating systems (LEED, ICC 2015 NGBS, PHIUS, etc.) relate to deeper, fundamental goals and performance standards of our buildings -- safety, health, energy/carbon performance, and resilience. The course is tailored for all stakeholders involved in the construction process of residential buildings, from code enforcement officials to builders, architects and trades.

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About Us

Building in Nature's Image is a nonprofit devoted to educating all devoted to enhancing the adaptive capacity, health and resilience of our buildings and cities. Our educational offerings and technical support services are based on our experience applying building science, traditional ecological & building knowledge and practices, resilience science and biomimicry to sustainable design and construction. The Essence of our work is in supporting practitioners, whether city planners or building trades & professionals, in designing, constructing our buildings, cities & laws and codes to manage the intensifying and unprecedented pace and scale of global environmental change now immersing the world. In this way, we aim to build a just and resilient world for our children and the 7th generation to come.


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